Wish Someone Sing Me This Song When He Proposes Me :P

Dear whoever read this, I hit my 21 and being a total loser for love just make me sadder.. I always think that I am not that complicated but why it is that hard to find someone whom has the same amount of weirdness with me.


A Lot Has Been Going On

I have to remind myself, that if I want everything to be over; how many people want my position, how I worked so hard for this. I know how God loves me, He gives me strong back so I can fight all these things.



Day 4 - Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

hari-harinya dyla

Simply like that! this blog is purely what happened in my life, all ups and downs, good and bad things, know me better just read my blog (and instagram), I am a very honest girl (so pede bgt ya) but that's true guys, I can't barely lie. I don't believe people easily. I, whenever think that someone isn't that compatible and click with me I just go, I find myself just like that. That's why, it's not easy to be with me, though I am actually cheerful and bubble I am for some people is not like that though the environment and socially I am awkward. When I am open with someone, I am OPEN like they can dig everything about me, honest elf etc. And I don't like someone who make assumption, meet me in my bad mood and think that I am as bad as when I am in my bad mood.