Day 5 - Places You Want To Visit

This just a quick post to make myself consistent in writing

Sooo, here are many places I want to go, but currently these are my top picks

South Korea
Cause I get K-Pop Virus #lol I want to visit BigHit office, attend BTS' concert, shop skin care products there and probably want to try their skin clinic! shop make up products, shop fashion stuffs, try to do jas-tip and live there... for a moment..

I did visit UK when I was in Senior High School but I want to visit UK again to pursue my master degree hopefully with LPDP. Then I can visit my friend there hehe.. 


A Lot Has Been Going On

I have to remind myself, that if I want everything to be over; how many people want my position, how I worked so hard for this. I know how God loves me, He gives me strong back so I can fight all these things.