My 2018 Resolution

Happy New Year!
I am not a big fan of making a year resolution but this is my first-year resolution.

  1. Finish Uni to finish uni without drama, tears, keep in touch with best buddies cause we will be separated later :(
  2. Take chances (again) that you missed and failed, keep trying!
  3. Read more books & write a review at least 12 books this year! I used to read at least three books when I was a child until middle school. But when I start my Uni life, I totally lost myself in this shallow mind life... I don't think I'm getting wiser nor my knowledge becomes any sharper.
  4. Able to intern in at my dream place! When I was about to enter Uni, I actually want to get experience working in different area regarding my studies so I could choose which I enjoy the most but apparently, only last year works and I hope it works :)
  5. Write more on diary, on blog, get featured on several medias
  6. Do vlogs! Been wanting to share my days trough vlogs cause I find it fun
  7. Make project to nail your uni life in Jogja I want my last year in Jogja is memorable, I want to stay with my circle more but also meet new people.
  8. Get your IELTS (and LoA) make sure where u go after this
  9. Get in shape you know how I rarely move even an inch. But this year I won't make my body suffer again cause I will take care of you dear myself /puk trying to be active in gym classes
  10. Stop spending money on things you only find it cute but not necessary, the thing is I buy plenty things that I find cute and it is sometimes pricey.. and cause now I afford anything by myself...  so I have to manage my money well.
  11. Learn to be happier with my life, :)
  12. Become tidier not saying that I am not tidy, but I want to be tidier, cause the thoughts of having mbak with me is still hanging.
  13. Go see doctor more often being healthy is my top priority, but I don't go to hospital as often as I should, I often wait until my condition worsen, I should start to trust doctor.
  14. Learn more about arts, culture, music etc I enjoy going to exhibitions, film and music festivals but last year I didn't go often as I used to, so I hope I could nail this year and hoping that I could participate in art events!
  15. Spend less time on social media
  16. Stick to good habits I already developed :)
  17. Gain more vocab my teacher told me that I lack the vocabulary and I agree... But here I am watching K-Dramas and rewatch BTS performance, cause they have many to watch! :"(
  18. Update blog more often, ah yes welcome to

My 2017 was so-so compared my 2016, but that was what I asked God –I guess– by the end of 2016. I dont do much in 2017, I didn't watch, read, I failed so many times. I just do as life already planned.

Despite not being my year, let's start 2018 with people who propel us forward, be happy and balance <3


Top Picks

For me Ziarah tells, that memory is truly ours.

Jangan sampai kita membiarkan ingatan kita tentang seseorang atau sesuatu terkontaminasi oleh suara orang. Jika kita mengenang sesuatu, kenanglah sesuai dengan ingatan kita secara personal. Cause if we believe something sweet, then sweet it is. Apapun yang terjadi setelahnya, tidak ada hubungannya dengan kenangan kita. Keep, cherish that moments and move on!



This post supposedly going to be featured on my monthly updates on youtube but I decided I just will do monthly update both writing and speaking since I'm lack confidence in those two things while actually the key to be a Public Relations is to at least be a good writer or a speaker. Quoted from Mas Aries Nugroho who gave me superb lecture when I visited Ogilvy Public Relations. He definitely a great story teller!

At the end of Feb after I'm back from study visit, I got myself to watch Salawaku, I first know this movie when I read the list of JAFF movies that will be showed. Salawaku was the opening movie, so I guess it must be very cool and cinematic cause the theme of JAFF 2016 was Islanscape, I was curious and questioning what kind of movie is this.

Look up at the youtube and the cinematography is on point, my artsy side wakes but because JAFF 2016 management was just suck (imo, you can read why in here) I was just mad and dont want to watch any JAFF movies because I just got that bad image form JAFF.

Nevertheless my curiosity finally got the answer, I got chance to watch Salawaku free cause my friend got ticket for me. The whole movie was beautiful, thought the language different makes me question and the jokes that I think it is reasonable but it doesn't make me laugh as much as my friends do (cause I go my own type of jokes) but it is beautiful, Salawaku successfully portraits the beautiful side of Maluku which makes me want to go there someday and the sound is on point, even I can feel how cold that night was when Saras (Karina Salim) unfortunately the transition goes from very dark to super bright so it hurts my eyes.

At the end of movie, everyone was rushed to take picture with Elko Kastanya (who portrait Salawaku) and beautiful Karina Salim. I'm very pleased to meet her, not only cause she's super pretty, and nice but I know she's a hard worker girl and smart. I know her since she's starred Joko Anwar's movie Durable Love and since then followed her on twitter. I actually did take picture with her before the movie start at toilet which I turned into squid next to her..

Anyway, when everyone rushed to take picture with the stars, I got time to ask the director, Pritagita Arianegara, what is actually the meaning of Salawaku itself. Cause I believe Salawaku is more than "hidup itu cuma tentang meninggalkan dan ditinggalkan?" and turns out (this maybe a spoiler for you, but) here's the asnwer,

"membandingkan antara isu kehamilan diluar nikah yang dihadapi oleh anak kota besar, ada yang menyendiri sedangkan ada yang berusaha mengatasi -- ia butuh orang utk mengahdapi. Kalau dihilangkan seperti apa dan kalau tidak dihilangkan seperti apa."

one of my favorite page
Finished reading For Nadira by Leila S. Chudori translated by Jennifer Lindsay. For Nadira has nine short stories that tell Nadira in different sides.

As a pessimist, I really enjoy reading For Nadira. There are many things that explained beautifully in nine short stories but there are also many things that not explained well.

This book tells how hurt Nadira to be left by her mom that she thought she's fine, but why did someone who's fine commit suicide? It leaves Nadira and her family big question.

Nadira, then become a gloomy lady. Until one day she finds someone that changes her and the spoiler wont last that long cause you need to read it by yourself :)

Don't think that this is just a so-so book, it is masterpiece by Leila Chudori. It is a book that you must read, it teach you how separation hurt so bad when it is not explained well. It tells you how separation indeed tells you how much you love with someone,

to quote from Andrew belle - In My veins:
"Nothing goes as planned, everything will break
People say goodbye, in their own special way"