Crying Isn't Solution, but.. Really?

I have no one to talk, but I want to at least cry because the pressure that I have.

I kept telling mini me not to cry just because my favorite teacher told me that crying isn't a solution. Well, that's true. So, I became one of the "I should be crying but I just can't let it show" type but..

#np everglow by coldplay

Sounds cliche, cynical or maybe pathetic. I just find myself right now in kinda right but something missing environment. What's missing? It's like if you read Winter Woods - it's a webtoon series, you need a magical seed to make you feel live more lively.

I'm not saying that my boyfriend doesn't make me one of the lively creature in this world. He makes me beyond that but, let's just be real. As an ldr fighters, we do have problem. And this isn't my first same problem. Why? We have opposite schedule plus now he's working and I know it's hard for him to manage the works as a student and an employee plus he's a design student so he got piles of works to do!! Thankfully, he spares time for me, a lot. I'm very pleasant he's very thoughtful and very wise, also he put me first in our relationship.

By lively, I mean I don't have the burden in my heart and my brain so I need someone to talk to. Sounds introvert because I bet you think I am one of them but, I count myself as one of almost extrovert type. I do talk to someone about my problem if I have bond with them, nevertheless I usually talk about my problem to random people that I met. (weirdo detected)

Mmmm, in the very beginning actually I want to tell you that crying is okay. Because I think whenever I cry, the pain just go even a little but you feel at least lighter. So, if you have any problem and you don't have someone to talk and you can not handle your tears, it's okay to cry! It doesnt matter if you are a boy or not a kid anymore you still can do that. And none say that you are not allowed to do that! But, if you have anything to say and none there to talk to, just contact me :) :)