Sweet Escape

Born and raised in Indonesia, but I never taste Bali. Here's my short getaway how to spent a week before final exam full of assignments, well supposedly I studied and do the piles of homeworks but, sigh, I decided to escape. nahh, don't worry, I already finish it sih, although there are few exams I need to do until I can go back and taste the peaceful air.. No homework, no more anak kosan, months of holiday duuude! Anyway, here are some of my snaps with a little touch of dyla to follow.

Went camping with the boys, no preparation at all, it was quick decision and it was raining so.. yeah I was freezing. But it was fun and I'm glad to meet them! I did stupid thing sih as usual, such as numpahin pop mie.. How on earth someone flip their noodle? Well, actually I did few times sih, lol. The place we went was Danau Buyan, it was beautiful and if you want to go there you need to pay IDR 10.000 for each person. But.. make sure you bring sunblock because when the sun shines, it was so hot. Hmm, yeah welcome to Bali. It was soo hot and crowded but I left a piece of my heart there. there is something about Bali that makes me want to visit it again and again..

The Syahdu Boys early morning
If you wondering where I stay when I was in Bali, I stayed at my tour guide's house in Dalung. My daily rotates in cafe, cute shops, malls, and seeing the breath taking natural scenery.

I went to Bukit Campuhan at Ubud. Since I neverrrr do exercise, so it's pretty exhausting for me to walk to the hill. It takes 10 minutes for me, but I guess it only takes 5 minutes if it was you. Bukit Campuhan is pretty, I tried to take pictures but I feel all the picts that I took where I was in the hill aren't that good. So I upload the one that my tour guide sits in the bridge. Below, is myself in Balangan Beach. The wave was too strong, it even on the news; 'Bali King Tide'. Balangan Beach isn't as crowded as Kuta Beach but it still pretty, dude c'mon beach never be ugly unless its dirty, I also went to Pepe Pizza to meet D's friends but I wasn't in a good mood so his friends said that they were scared.. I feel sorry for them to be honest but I can't hide my feelings. The reason behind my bad mood was because our motorcycle stopped since we are running out fuel and we need to walk (you know how I hate this..) but this happened almost everytime we meet up so I just "duuuuuude you always like this!" And I was the one who keep D's phone and read the chat. I don't know is it because of me that become very sensitive at that day but I don't like someone chat me like that although it's supposed for Dion but it was me who read it so, yeah. Hmm, after writing this I feel like spoilt kid and I just want to apologize to D instead of his friends, hahah.

Mostly I spent my day just to be with him, laughing out loud at home while watching movies and eat lots of food. Sounds so cheesy but if you know me, it's pretty hard to make me laugh and I prefer to be at home spending my time cooking for D. Gadeng, I can't cook lol. It's better to be at home, quality time duude!

And after all, thank you for everyone whom I met. Sorry if I did something wrong, how I wish we could spend more time together and get to know more. And for D, thank you for being a gooood listener, great tour guide, and I hope you can wake up earlier..cheers!