Day 2 - Ten Likes and Dislikes

Today my curiosity filled, cause I got my ittaherl shoes. I was curious how comfortable this shoes was, cause I follow the_widira_s and she said that this shoes is comfortable and love to buzz this shoes. So, I got my Cloud Volan and it is just fine and I like the design it's classy and unique, compared with any other mules shoes, I like this one better sih.

Anyway, let's just go to day 2 challenge!


  1. To eat: when i'm bad mood please give me food, you can tame me 
  2. Do nothing but also do something that I love, including works
  3. Surrounded by people I love and people who loved me
  4. Living in peace, content, full of joy
  5. Receive and give gifts
  6. Do yoga and plant flowers so I can make workshop and sell it!
  7. Adrenaline junkie while traveling
  8. Documenting my works, my travel journey, my current favs etc. (hopefully will do more)
  9. Wake up with positive vibes
  10. Pampering, shopping, gallery-resto-hopper, movie marathon
  1. Selfish, judgmental, narcissist, self-bragging, not consistent people
  2. People that make assumption..
  3. Social climber
  4. The take me for grated people
  5. People that think they are the best, belittle others
  6. Annoying kids
  7. Bad breath, bad body smell (cause I like someone whom smell nice)
  8. People that tend to swear, sugarcoat, gossip
I do edit this cause I don't dislike cat, dog, cockroach, rat, hamster, furry animal.. I'm scared of them and to think more it's pretty hard to list! I'm a girl who don't bother much cause you can clearly see it from my face. Kinda hard to list down the dislikes part, but well I can do it at last!