Day 3 - Your Day in Great Detail (More Like.. What's On My Mind)

Yesterday I forget to write, I didn't touch my laptop and as far as I remember I do nothing in particular except sleeping till noon then playing with my phone till dawn. Thus, I will just make it as a normal diary, as day passed I do it today and what happened in these few days.

I feel this last two weeks at home, Surabaya, doesn't feel right. I don't make the best as I could in this Holy Month. I feel pressured and knowing what kind of situation between people that are close to me bother me a lot. We talk about someone who is old enough yet he's like a kid, although I do too sometimes, but I just feel it's not right, he's way older than me.

My sister, studies at one of the best institution in my country and she got the best score out of many people in her batch, she studies Arc, I know from my mom that she don't get enough sleep. I can see it from her Panda eyes, yet I really like to tease her. I look myself and feel more proud of her, I remember I cried when she got accepted to her dream uni and decided to choose architect. I know she's smart, me too (defensive), she listens to parents while I don't. I am a maverick. Then I look up myself, my IP is indeed high, but not the highest, but studying in Jogjakarta and in my campus makes me relieved cause it is not as stressful as the others. I can still traveling with my friends while manage to do piles of works.

Second come from my online shop, Dylaz Store. The story begin when one of my customer make a complain about her package yang salah kirim. She complained that JNE (logistic) is hard to deal and she wants to tuker barang. I refuse dong guys, cause:
  1. If she's the one yg accept the package she shouldn't accepted package yg tokonya bukan toko aku, Dylaz Store
  2. Jika bukan dia yg accept should be smart enough to notice kalo ada seseorang yang namanya as same as the package and check the address dong
  3. I send it to the right address as I sent the evidence
I captured the conversation between us. Then she wants to refund... like seriously! Today supposed I click the help button in Tokopedia, turns out it has to be tomorrow, I just read the conversation and hasn't replied yet till I click the help button cause it is not my fault and I dah nanya ke JNE by Twitter juga. It is not a win-win solution, even it can't be (cause JNE must be hectic as well), but she has to think wisely dong, like how come she blames me? (..you r the seller u have to, siapa lg yg bisa I blame?)

last, I remember that one last time my junior that I thought have potential to be in my group really impolite, how come he pointed finger to me? And told me something yg we already settled with his loud voice. I know, eid al fitr supposed to forgive each other, but I just can't yet..

This morning, I got a sweet dream.. but I know it just one sided cause night before I was watching someone's instastory and I get crush on someone! I think I miss him, I hope he won't forget his promise though I think he will.

My Uni life allllmost over, alhamdulillah.. but things are still vivid for me.. I never really enjoy my uni life, as same as I don't enjoy my school life. Perhaps that's me being me. I don't like it. But I have to face it, after finish my Uni, I thought to pursue my study or to work first.

Anyway happy eid all!