Doing Writing Challenge!

One of my intention of having a nice laptop, camera and internet connection was to be more active in doing my job and to have at least one picture taken by me in every post. Writing is something I want to pursue cause I have to.. but it has been awhile for me to stop writing so I will do a challenge to make sure I keep writing more and more, thus to trigger myself!

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Speaking of 30 Day Challenge, next month I will be doing my KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) which I have to live in rural area to help people there.. challenging I know! And after that I will be doing my intern in Yogyakarta (the moment i'm writing this I don't know which company accepted my offer, I did refuse interview in one company from Australia cause I already am in Surabaya.. so..). I will do my challenge starting from today and I hope I can do it till the last day!

Day 1: Write some basic things about yourself 

That's how About page was created! But it only few infos about me, I love to eat, I eat a lot, I do. I like to do a resto-hopper, gallery-hopper and I like shopping too, I shop a lot. I am more into skin care than make up, but I am a lip girl! I like fashion, I have my own style. I think I am introvert though 16personalities says I'm extrovert. I like to travel, my travel buddy is D. I am a good listener and trying to be a good speaker. I love arts, whatever it is.

My preference for a man is: he needs to be compatible with me, I mean it's easier to have the same lifestyle-kan? He has to knows what I'm talking, he reads, he can handle me at my worst and listens to me!

The picture above is so me, I prefer being alone rather than being with bunch of people in a group that doesn't make me comfortable. I am not an open space that you can easily come and go, some people tell me that I am mysterious, but I think I don't, I just tend to listen more than speak in the first place and what observe what kind of my environment I'm in, if I am not comfortable so I am in bodo amat mode. Bad habit.. I hope I can be more positive towards everything!

I currently taking communication as my major, concentration in public relations but would like to study more about marketing and communication strategies such as branding an advertising. Struggling in my almost last year of uni makes me nervous cause there are many things to think though I keep telling myself not to overthink it, just do!

The best part about the writing is,
in order to win me over, your presence has to be better than my solitude. You're not competing with another person. you are competing with my comfort zone.
My gems (re: my best buddies) are spread. I tend to have one close friend rather than in a group of people, but though I do have mine: there's one or two friends that we keep this kind of bond. When I already close with someone, I let them to come to my zone and willing to help them in every occasion. I treat them nice and sometimes treat them food, though there are people who take me for granted for that, but I just know so I stay away from them and if you guys do feel that for some people, please do! More, don't tell if if I don't warn you.

Enough more question just head to my ask.fm!