Hello, welcome to my blog!

dylazdayz means dyla's days. I speak trough my eyes, I aint a beauty pageant. Was born in leap year. Loving arts and every thing related with it. I am such a random chubby pie.

Risma Fadillah or known as Dyla is a full time student who wants to be friends with words and world. This blog is her platform to share her daily life stories, thoughts and random things in her life.

She's not really that good with words, the way she writes something sometimes mess up. The grammar might be error or maybe 404 not found? The way she delivers something sometimes way too fast.

She's kinda awkwardly attractive, not to mention she got her own charm, interested in meeting new people and love to learn new stuffs.


If this blog is full of grammar error, I apologize. Since I'm still learning. Correct my mistakes if I did. I'd be glad if you do that! This blog will probably contain: mostly my life, thoughts, arts, and whatever it'd be. Because, this blog is the platform for me to learn. And if by any chance you want this creature to be your friend, you could drop me an email.

xoxo, dyla.