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What Was My 2016 Like?

All thanks to my journal for keeping all my tracks this year, definitely will do the same for my 2017! So, this is a soon to be regular post that come will come up every year (amen)

Start my 2016 by volunteering for Project Child Indonesia for one batch, met many cool fella and reunited by the end of 2016 because one of our fella volunteer got married! Congratulations kak Kamila! On Feb, I went to Bandung, visit Bukit Moko, Trans Studio Bandung (TSB) and wander around at night (I can't recall.. but I'm sure that I visited lot of places!). Surprisingly met my seniors at TSB and almost lost my gopro there hehe, and I still remember how mad I was when I'm back from TSB because I was so exhausted and got my period, thank you for bearing it D! Start new semester on March and just did as student does, go to campus, do papers, tasks and try to join competition and exchange. On April I became one step closer for my age limit. Thank you for all beautiful creatures that threw me surprises and many meaningful wishes and calls :) And nailed to join Perhumas Muda Yogyakarta (PMY). On May, I went to Stars and Rabbit performance which I like & took proper TOEFL test. From June to August, I got my holiday and officially become a Student Top Ambassador Tokopedia and went to Jakarta. September came and I almost passed one of leadership program that is well known one cause they got many CSR awards. October made me learn that not every intentions that we had will turn as good as in we think, so just be kind. I also became representative for Yogyakarta for Top 5 Alpha Zatizen. I did row of events for Tokopedia in a week and become an admission team for an international event called Jogja International Heritage Walk on November (watch my Nov  updates!) December was fine, and I just took time off for everything except I suddenly chosen as leader for my entrepreneurship group's open recruitment, few days before.