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Pengalaman Student Ambassador Tokopedia

What I learned from being a TopAm is up!

Masih ingat Hari Belanja Online Nasional 'harbolnas' tahun 2015? Sampai waktu itu BukaLapak buat iklan yang bawa-bawa Dian Sastro. Yang gemesnya lagi, ternyata CEO nya berani tampil di Youtube pakai celana pendek.. Dan iklannya berhasil ditonton berulang kali sama temen-temen karena ada part yang 'membingungkan'. Aku sendiri ngga ikutan baik nonton video youtube BukaLapak atau belanja online karena terlalu banyak option, jadinya lebih sring membandingkan satu sama lain dan akhirnya ngga jadi beli.

Ada diskon yang 'gila' dan nggak masuk akal tetapi ada juga yang memberikan cashback, yang aku kira kebalikan bgt, di saat yang lain pada berlomba biar trafficnya naik dengan cara diskon gila-gilaan ternyata ada juga yang memberikan cashback.

Perlu digarisbawahi bahwa ternyata Tokopedia ini bukan online retail yang dimana ia pemilik barang yang ada di websitenya, melainkan marketplace dimana ia adalah platform untuk berjualan online. Dan karena marketplace ini menganut sistem used generated content, jadi Tokopedia memberikan kebebasan kepada merchant untuk menentukan harga. Pun maka selama ini penjual sudah memberikan harga terbaiknya :)

Wise banget ya.. dan dari harbolnas itu sebenarnya aku jadi ingin tahu Tokopedia kaya gimana, apalagi waktu ada Isyana di TV! Hmm, ngomong-ngomong nih sebenernya aku mau sharing juga tentang pengalaman jadi Top Student Ambassador Tokopedia nih.. walaupun masih baru aja dilantik. Soalnya banyak yang nanya, tapi tolong jangan di judge sok artis apa dong kan aing atut jadinya..

Student Ambassador Tokopedia Batch 3



There was a question in my ask box questioning whether I have/haven't felt insecure, how to handle it, how to be confidence and et cetera. I don't know why people ask me such question, since I don't give much thoughts about people anymore. Or because the anon knows me that I change a lot. The short answer is, I don't give much thoughts about people. But, since I lack things to write, I better answer this question here rather on my (basically I rarely answer the questions on he he..) and because, mau sok sok bijak gitu, so I answer this quite long.

the prettiest flower is me
What is insecure? pretty much; not confident or assured. that's how I interpret it.

That's just, there will always be someone who's prettier than me, taller than me, smarter than me, to sum up, better than me.. and I'm quite afraid there will be that one girl who will win you over in a blink of an eye.. (loh kok galau..)

Yah there are lots of reasons for being insecure: not that handsome/pretty, less fans, less cool, not getting the first place, less taking sks, less go aboroad, never win a competition, less asking questions at class or anything it could be.

Tapi, as I get older, I realized that a lot of people I've seen aren't what they actually are. I only see what they choose to show me, could be to protect themselves, could be out of insecurity, or could be anything else, you name it. I ain't saying that this is a bad thing, as all of us, you, me, and everyone who could possibly read this, show people what/how they want to perceive them. That's why some people think that she's like this, and some others think that she is not like this but these.

Sometimes, it could be far from who they actually are, but doesn't close to possibility that they are comfortable enough to with themselves they don't need to put up a show, but who knows? Point is, the only person who knows who you actually are is yourself (and probably other people you've opened up to).

So, do you think it is fair for you to compare the deepest, darkest, side of yourself, to the shiny stage people portrays? I bet everyone has their own thoughts "Ah coba gue gini" atau "Pengen deh gini" all the time, but isn't that what people do? But, isn't that means that you're killing yourself when you compare with those shiny stage people portrays? Anggap aja mereka saingan lo. Nah, saingan lo tuh bukan cuma temen-temen sekelas, temen sekolah, orang-orang yang mau masuk PTN lewat ujian sbmptn.

worth to watch: TED
Saingan lo,
diri lo,
yang kemarin.

You did your best. Your past is fine, it is enough. Tomorrow, you do better.

Advice to boost confidence?
Learn to love yourself. As cheesy as it sounds, it works. Learn to appreciate what you do, to embrace your own failure and mistakes, and most importantly, have pride in yourself. I personally found the feeling of being loved & accepted as who I am has helped me a lot getting through my own self esteem problem. So please remember, there are a lot of people who care about you beyond what you think they do, at least I know, I do.


The Flawless Bud

I'm congratulating myself, for being able to struggle this week. But, then I'm suffering from fever and massive headache because I need to go to another city thrice in a week (which I have to sit in the bus approximately 4 hours in a day) to do some tests (plus its extended papers which are very difficult!!). I think I need more time to rest. But counting the days, final exam in a week and I need to catch all the schedules that I've left. Lessons, organizations that I'm in, few deadlines and many more.

I have to work my ass off then.

Anyway, there are some of questions that I got from friend but haven't answers.
But the question is mostly same, I mean, the questions are different but I think all of them are same, since those words dancing in front of my eyes telling me how weird I am.

  1. Why you are weird? (you know what I mean)
  2. Why you have your own world but weird?
  3. Why use many languages if you are talking / send me texts / chatting?
  4. Why the way you think about something is quite different from people. Its kinda weird but that's okay. But what exactly first thing you are thinking before you think like that?
  5. Living in a happy life?

1. I myself think that I'm not weird even in people's eyes I am. Idgaf bro, jinca. I enjoy my stay. I sometimes forget what do I have to do. I, rarely listen to others' words. What you mean by weird probably because you don't understand me and you don't have your own world yet. You don't enjoy your stay. You probably envy because I do enjoy mine. I suggest you to enjoy your stay, because by enjoying it, you don't have to care about others. And you'll live to the fullest. // 2. If my world and others are same, I don't have something that can differentiated me then. But, it doesn't mean if I force myself to have different world compare with people. Since child, I always different. I ain't pro-claimed self, but society keeps telling me I am. And, what do I think about myself? Am I weird? I'm not weird, I just different (which I believe everyone is). // 3. To improve myself. // 4. Well I can't explain that because, it just me. // 5. Sure, I do! I do what I love & I love what I do.

I used to think anyone doing anything was weird. Now I know that it is the people that call others weird that are weird ~ Sir Paul McCartney 

☼ ♥ ☼ ♥ ☼ ♥ 

And, you know;
when you love someone,
everytime you hear his/her crush voice..
Everything becomes better.

It's nice that I can hear his voice♫♪
everytime I want to sleep
G☻☺d thing!


Four Answers #1

When I'm bored, I always ask my desk-mate to give me sort of questions. Or having a long chat, playing with our stuffs and if she got bored with me, or she want to listen to the teacher I (keep doing things until she wants to play with me) play with my own world.

Do you have your own world? Because I do. And I do believe that people have their own world. Their own world that far from reality, far from the others, and no one can touch your world.

Later, I will post a picture about my own world. Because today, I will share five questions from my friends and all of them had answered by me. Some of them may sound weird, some of them seems funny, and some of them may look like I didn't even think about. I just answer the question exactly the same as I answer to  my friends' question. And I didn't have much time to think because I do it because it's so fun.
  1. Do you believe in coincidence? I do believe that everything happens for some certain reasons. Because god has planned all. And I believe that god's plans are way better than ours :-)
  2. Someone whom you love asking you to marry him before you're legal to married what would you do? Well, basically there's nothing called legal - illegal thing in marriage or in our life because all of that are made by society. Its okay for me if someone marry in such a young age as long as s/he is ready. But the problem is, if I ain't ready, I wont get married. And now, I ain't ready yet.
  3. Living in the world where only two people live and you're one of them. Pick someone you'd like to live with..  If I choose whether is it mom or dad it won't be okay if one of them get chosen and the other not. So, I'll pick my future husband and live with happiness and make a lot of pretty memories together with our future children. It's more like Adam & Eve, right. So, I probably will be the Eve and he will be Adam (that's obvious) And we will make such a great story started by us as the stars.
  4. If time machine does exist and you can go to the past, is there something you want to change? I ain't living in a regretting life.
Arrh, time flies so fast. Its time to go back to my book and watch some movies. Monday is less than twelve hours, see you people!