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This post supposedly going to be featured on my monthly updates on youtube but I decided I just will do monthly update both writing and speaking since I'm lack confidence in those two things while actually the key to be a Public Relations is to at least be a good writer or a speaker. Quoted from Mas Aries Nugroho who gave me superb lecture when I visited Ogilvy Public Relations. He definitely a great story teller!

At the end of Feb after I'm back from study visit, I got myself to watch Salawaku, I first know this movie when I read the list of JAFF movies that will be showed. Salawaku was the opening movie, so I guess it must be very cool and cinematic cause the theme of JAFF 2016 was Islanscape, I was curious and questioning what kind of movie is this.

Look up at the youtube and the cinematography is on point, my artsy side wakes but because JAFF 2016 management was just suck (imo, you can read why in here) I was just mad and dont want to watch any JAFF movies because I just got that bad image form JAFF.

Nevertheless my curiosity finally got the answer, I got chance to watch Salawaku free cause my friend got ticket for me. The whole movie was beautiful, thought the language different makes me question and the jokes that I think it is reasonable but it doesn't make me laugh as much as my friends do (cause I go my own type of jokes) but it is beautiful, Salawaku successfully portraits the beautiful side of Maluku which makes me want to go there someday and the sound is on point, even I can feel how cold that night was when Saras (Karina Salim) unfortunately the transition goes from very dark to super bright so it hurts my eyes.

At the end of movie, everyone was rushed to take picture with Elko Kastanya (who portrait Salawaku) and beautiful Karina Salim. I'm very pleased to meet her, not only cause she's super pretty, and nice but I know she's a hard worker girl and smart. I know her since she's starred Joko Anwar's movie Durable Love and since then followed her on twitter. I actually did take picture with her before the movie start at toilet which I turned into squid next to her..

Anyway, when everyone rushed to take picture with the stars, I got time to ask the director, Pritagita Arianegara, what is actually the meaning of Salawaku itself. Cause I believe Salawaku is more than "hidup itu cuma tentang meninggalkan dan ditinggalkan?" and turns out (this maybe a spoiler for you, but) here's the asnwer,

"membandingkan antara isu kehamilan diluar nikah yang dihadapi oleh anak kota besar, ada yang menyendiri sedangkan ada yang berusaha mengatasi -- ia butuh orang utk mengahdapi. Kalau dihilangkan seperti apa dan kalau tidak dihilangkan seperti apa."

one of my favorite page
Finished reading For Nadira by Leila S. Chudori translated by Jennifer Lindsay. For Nadira has nine short stories that tell Nadira in different sides.

As a pessimist, I really enjoy reading For Nadira. There are many things that explained beautifully in nine short stories but there are also many things that not explained well.

This book tells how hurt Nadira to be left by her mom that she thought she's fine, but why did someone who's fine commit suicide? It leaves Nadira and her family big question.

Nadira, then become a gloomy lady. Until one day she finds someone that changes her and the spoiler wont last that long cause you need to read it by yourself :)

Don't think that this is just a so-so book, it is masterpiece by Leila Chudori. It is a book that you must read, it teach you how separation hurt so bad when it is not explained well. It tells you how separation indeed tells you how much you love with someone,

to quote from Andrew belle - In My veins:
"Nothing goes as planned, everything will break
People say goodbye, in their own special way" 


Nikah Muda

bride wannabe
Dulu aku kepikiran nikah kalo pas dah sukses, karir gemilang sehingga bisa provide apa yang aku dan keluargaku mau, biayain keluarga buat jalan-jalan ke luar negri dan belanjaannya, usaha lancar, dah punya rumah besar serta mobil etc etc. Sampai mikir nikah kalo udah mau umur 30an ajadeh karena biar puas-puasin apa-apa sendiri dulu, biar ego ku tersalurkan, biar udah punya semuanya dan biar legaaa.

Itu dulu ya, sebelum nemu tambatan hati. Soalnya seumur-umur belum pernah deket sama cowo sampai akhirnya sekarang dia datang, hehe. Dan karena dia, aku rasanya pingin cepet-cepet nikah biar halal sih kalo kata orang, lol.

Tapi gimana ya, pingin nikah muda tuh aku ya pingin, menghabiskan waktu berdua bareng doi, bangun tidur, sarapan, berangkat kerja, pas lagi nonton soap operas sore-sore, udah malam dan seterusnya kaya di film-film kebanyakan. Tapi kalau udah ada duitnya, lah kalo ngga ada? Gimana biayainnya? Ngutang? Habis nikah nanti hasil gajiannya buat bayarin utang nikahan dong bukan buat keluarga? Orangtua? Hmmm... pikir-pikir lagi deh, ini loh yang nikah siapa kok duitnya dari siapa? Kecuali, kalo emang nikahan mau diatur sama orangtuanya :)

tulisan ini featured di kompasiana juga loh!


Crying Isn't Solution, but.. Really?

I have no one to talk, but I want to at least cry because the pressure that I have.

I kept telling mini me not to cry just because my favorite teacher told me that crying isn't a solution. Well, that's true. So, I became one of the "I should be crying but I just can't let it show" type but..

#np everglow by coldplay



Hi readers! thank you so much for reading my blog although it lacks of things and very boring.

But I do want to run this blog again, seriously. Because I got connection in my new dorm (yes, I moved) which is great! There are things happened unexpectedly in my life ever since I live in Jogjakarta. Most can count as happiness but there are also some of sadness. But the joy, I feel it everyday. I'm very grateful and I promise, I will at least post blog once in a month!


Anyway in November, I skipped a week and five classes which bring me to skip total seven classes because this week I only have two classes and decided to come back to Surabaya and make driving licence (finally!!). My mom would possibly angry if she know this but, that's what I did. And, not only my mom I guess, my friends are I think shocked or probably won't.

I skipped two days in a row, which makes me skipped four classes. Reason? I have huuuge visitor came across the Selat Bali. You know who he is, he he.

I also bought two tickets for mini talk show plus seminar on 20 & 21 November and I just checked that on November 20 I have class. So, that day I went to class to tell my teacher and he said something so common. Something more like, that I need to pick him over the mini talk show that I rather to go because I bought the ticket already.


Chance is, my friend will think that I prefer going to my short getaway with my Dion rather than sit in the class. Think that I choose him over the (boring) class. My answer is, yes. I pick him over four boring classes. Which leads me to short getaway that I really think it's mooore than worth it.

Why? If you don't know the condition of my class, let me portrait it for you. The teacher is boring . Only half of the students come. I did come last week on time but, what I can not tolerate is just, the class should have started on time but, the teacher wait the students till few of us gathered and I'm tired of waiting. And even more I can not tolerate, there are some of students that has just came an hour after the class had started and the teacher just say, come in.

I'm in the point of not tolerable anymore. What about me or students that had been waiting for minutes? You just let that jam karet students came in? So yep I decided to skip the class.

I decided to go with Dion exploring new things happily and joined the mini talk show plus the seminar  that's worth it! I didn't feel regret skipping classes but I was shocked because I've just reached my limit not coming to class. So I need to come to the class till the examination starts.

Plus! I learned how to ride motorcycle in main road! YEAYYY feeling so happy and excited although I rode it in 20 km/hour.


And, I came to my realization that is it only me or some of people still don't have their right to choose what they want to choose? They just go with flow, they choose what majority choose. They don't stand for what their choice is.

Wait, I'm not telling you to skip classes like me. It's just, be brave and respect what your choice is even it is not socially accepted. It may lead you to some unexpected point of your life which bring lots of memories and you can cherish it when you grow old. You will giggle or even laugh because you do stupid things. Mistakes, is awesome. You definitely learn from it. Very positively likely to happen.


2014 + 1

equals to 2015

I finally graduated from high school and now currently studying communication on Yogyakarta. 2014 has became a tough year for me. I learned so much. From faith, friends, and love. I never know that my life had just taken an unexpected turn. But I'm glad it happened! You never know what will happen next.

Faith: It's important. I believe in God. For whatever He prepares for me. I know He gives the best for me and everyone else. I just need to calm down, do my best and believe that everything happens for a reason. Although I might think this isn't the best path, but for Him, it is. Sometimes we think what God has planned isn't logical, but a reminder; God gives us logic, god creates our logic. So, that's why we sometimes can't reach god's logic.

My two closest friends' in college know how worry I am for the future. So I prepared a list and stuffs. I get lot more ambitious than before. And predict what will happen in the next years. I know, it's just pathetic. But, future, acknowledgedly worries me a lot. Years before, I told my friend that "Why you should worry about your future? Your future shines so bright! You just need to swim!" And, yet it happens to me, right now.

Then, I think again. Why would I be worried? These are had been planned. All you need to do is to be closer to the planner, to God.

Love: I learned a lot, from friends' perspective or my own. I learned so much. I think it might be nice to share my story like everyone else. Or to post pictures and give the sweetest caption ever, but I think it supposed to be ours. I know, some people show that kind of things to show their affectionate, or to show off, lol. No offense. As for me, it is not. Even if I do, I think I'll do only a few (yet I never do one and I don't know whether I'll do such a thing or not in my future). Then when it comes to break up, some will delete all the pictures in social media. Some will treasure it and make a folder "put their ex's name", it's so psycho but one of my friend do that.

How sometimes communication can mislead. A lover could turn to enemy and vice versa. Some people sometimes asked my opinion about their love life. Yet, I still think I'm good at being a listener.

Another love means in this era is, a virtual love. It's "love" that they earn from Instagram and how precious it is. The more they have, the happier they will be. A story behind every pictures. Crap captions. Pencitraan and friends. It sometimes sadden me, to think that my friend could lie in a post of her instagram feed just to post she's exist. To show the crowd that she has things and blah. It's up to the people actually. I can't tell her, she shouldn't do that. It's her social media. I just, sometimes think how come they be so cruel. 

Here, happened months before. I went to hospital with friends and one of my friend brought an amazing hits tongsis (monopod) omg. When we arrived at my friend's room. The rest of my friends sit and eat. Before we left, we took pictures with my friend who's sick. I just don't understand. Take a selfie with someone's sick after you dumped her the moment you entered the room? For god sake, sick people need a rest! And how come my friends just go like that.. Yet, you know the caption under the picture. Urgh, pictures do lie. Not to mention but there's another story where someone meet my friend. That someone is just uninvited person who should replace my place because my mom told me not to got and stay at home. This story is just heart breaking I couldn't handle my tears /sob/. No. This story is just stupid to tell. I should change to another one. The most pencitraan story ever was: someone asked her peer group to make a video about her. It's just eww. Shoo shoo.

Real Friends: I love to meet lots of people since High School because I was kinda shy back then, and introvert eheh. But, I prefer having a small circle with great bond. Even to think about my wedding, I like it to be more intimate with those people whom I know. Only few people will be invited. But, I forget about my father's position in work place /sigh/.

A short story: that day when graduation is on few days, my friends and I were talking about life in High School, which surprisingly unexpectable! (Unexpectable means we have same thoughts which I though none of people in my school has the same thoughts as mine) Therefore she said stories related to me such as when she was a sophomore one of her friend said not to be friend with me because I have lots of boy friends, therefore your secret will be spread out. I'm sorry, but I tried my best to see things from her point of view, but her point of view is stupid. No valid, omg. There was another story about me (again) that said, I tell bad things about S in front of someone else. Truth is: K is S' best friend, and K told ever little things about S in front of me and my friends. So, zaman bgt.

And as days passed by, I learned how meaningful friendship is. I feel soooo close with my friend like I could tell every single unnecessary thing in my life. Well, not all. Then another thing that I like from my closest friend is, we don't need to share gossip like everyone else. We forget about others because we meet each other, I feel sooo blessed have these kind of friends in my life :-).

I also learn how to be more sincere. I felt how painful it was to be left by someone whom you used to share your days with. 

Whatever I did in the past, I deserved to have answer. I deserved to be left politely. But what did I get? He left me without any explanation. But the best is yet to come. Another thought. maybe he's not mine. He doesn't belong to me. That's why he's gone. If he's really mine, He will come back. So yes, I did try to move on. I'm still thinking about him, because I think forgetting will not be possible. I remember the sweet moments and kill the bad ones. I just want to keep him in my memories, I don't want to hate him.


But I managed to move on. I can live my day without regret and even be more thankful than before. I still pray for him every night, hoping that he will always be happy, healthy and wise. No hatred at all. In fact, I miss him a lot. But, I don't want to put it as an obstacle. I want to be strong. And I will be.

So then, if god wants my path to not to be as smooth as everyone else, it's probably because everytime I asked god to make me more stronger. And he gives me problems so I could handle it and makes me lot stronger than anyone else. I always love god. For every surprises He gives me.

You never know this tiny girl could be an announcer. If god didn't bring me to Yogyakarta, the city whom I didn't like before, I couldn't be one of the announcer. I couldn't meet pak Erwil, pak Eric, pak Troy, om Pepih & every famous people in this country! I learn journalist and make movies. Yet I learn a lot mooore than that. I'm feeling sooo blessed ;-)!

I hope 2015 bring me to the world where I could learn more. Be more mature. Get featured in public release & join an organization. Hmm, to think I will be having a Ramadhan without my family is just heartbreaking <//3

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Acak Adul.

Lanjut dari postingan kemarin, bukan apa-apa juga sih. Cuma, aku ngerasa ngga enak aja sama temen-temen aku yang belum dapet kuliah.

Gimana ya mulainya..

Gini ajadeh, tiap ujian kan aku selalu duduk di belakang (karena urut absen). Dan di belakang kelas ada tulisan kakak kelas tentang jurusan plus universitas impian mereka. Udah setahun lewat dan tulisan kakak kelas masih dipasang. Aku sering habis ngerjain ujian lihat ke belakang cuma buat mandangin tulisan-tulisan itu. Rasanya seneng kalo ada yang keterima, bangga juga kan pastinya. Tapi, ngga semuanya keterima, pasti ada yang nggak.

Aku jadi mikir, gimana ya kalo aku kaya gitu..?

Ngeliat hidup aku yang apa-apa diterima, ini itu keturutan, yang alhamdulillah mesti ada aja jalannya, pasti ngga gampang buat nerima hal kaya gitu.

Tapi, dari situ aku jadi semangat gimana caranya biar bisa keterima. Tapi, ternyata aku ngga keterima. Sedih, pasti. Tapi mau gimana lagi..

Gimana ya bilangnya..

Kuliah itu menurut aku cuma wadah (dari sudut pandang aku sebagai remaja yang kurang sreg sama sistem pendidikan di Indonesia. Sok abis ya, ha ha. Tapi, pada akhirnya aku juga masuk universitas di sini juga karena orang tua ngga ngijinin di luar negri). Kamu masuk ke universitas top memang kemungkinan kamu dapet kerja atau kemungkinan apapun itu, memang (kemungkinan) lebih besar dari universitas yang kurang top. Tapi, bukannya semua itu tergantung individu masing-masing? Balik lagi ke post aku sebelumnya, semua hal yang udah dikasih buat kamu tuh baik buruk efeknya ke kamu, kamu yang atur.

Bisa aja kan, ini semua cobaan. Buat mereka yang diterima, apakah tetap bersyukur? Atau malah sombong sambil pamer almamater? Atau malah koar-koar di media social, ha ha. Suka-suka mereka sih, tapi menurut aku pribadi, anak yang kaya gitu tuh ngga dewasa. Ini tuh masih langkah awal, kalo langkah awal kamu bagus ya lanjutkan, jangan di buat jelek gitu.

Kalo kamu gagal masuk universitas yang kamu inginkan, ya kamu harus terima itu dan mulai do something dong. Mulai lakuin apa yang menurut kamu worth it. Kalo menurut kamu belajar dengan giat di universitas −atau apapun yang terima kamu− itu ngga worth it, ya kamu bisa nangis dan mengutuk dirimu bodoh karena ngga keterima. Tapi, dengan kamu ngelakuin itu, kamu ngga bakal ngerubah apa-apa. Lagian, kamu tuh udah gede, tahu keputusan mana yang terbaik buat masa depan kamu.

Face it.

Ini kan bukan akhir dari segalanya. Apalah prestisius atau apapun. Gengsi, bangga. Walaupun aku nggak nyangkal kalau hal tersebut buat beberapa orang memang penting, As for me, nope. Buat apasih hal kaya gituan?

Yah, pada akhirnya kalo kamu emang masih kesel dengan segala hal yang terjadi sama kamu. Diingat saja, kita harus tetep bersyukur atas segala hal yang terjadi. Klise abis, emang. Tapi yang pasti, semua yang terjadi pasti ada hikmahnya. Jangan marah sama yang di atas. Ngga baik. Kadang emang ngga masuk di akal kita, segala hal yang terjadi ini. Tapi, toh akal kita yang buat juga yang di atas, he he.

Jangan berkecil hati. Coba, mending jadi kepala ayam atau buntut singa? Ha ha. Ini waktunya kamu bersinar. What has been done, has been done. Nothing else can be done about it. What we have is the present, why not enjoy what you have here and now and let the past be the past. And, don’t be afraid to fail! Use the opportunity to turn what is bad into good. You fall down into a hole? You plant an f seed and grow f tree! hacep ngga?

Your future shines sooooo bright.


Thoughts on Haters

I'm higher than your level
Try not to think about them so hard. You don't know them, and most importantly, they don't know you. The things they say about you might hurt you, but you know it's not true, so don't take it by heart. If it is true though, then maybe it's time to change. Not for them, but for you and those around you. It sucks because you can never really avoid them. Any failure or success, there will always be hate. You just got to concentrate on the things and the people you love. Haters are just like fans, think about it, they're constantly talking about you and constantly obsessing over you. Having haters just means you stood up for something you care about. So honey, just stand up tall, with your head held high, and your middle finger higher :-)



There was a question in my ask box questioning whether I have/haven't felt insecure, how to handle it, how to be confidence and et cetera. I don't know why people ask me such question, since I don't give much thoughts about people anymore. Or because the anon knows me that I change a lot. The short answer is, I don't give much thoughts about people. But, since I lack things to write, I better answer this question here rather on my (basically I rarely answer the questions on he he..) and because, mau sok sok bijak gitu, so I answer this quite long.

the prettiest flower is me
What is insecure? pretty much; not confident or assured. that's how I interpret it.

That's just, there will always be someone who's prettier than me, taller than me, smarter than me, to sum up, better than me.. and I'm quite afraid there will be that one girl who will win you over in a blink of an eye.. (loh kok galau..)

Yah there are lots of reasons for being insecure: not that handsome/pretty, less fans, less cool, not getting the first place, less taking sks, less go aboroad, never win a competition, less asking questions at class or anything it could be.

Tapi, as I get older, I realized that a lot of people I've seen aren't what they actually are. I only see what they choose to show me, could be to protect themselves, could be out of insecurity, or could be anything else, you name it. I ain't saying that this is a bad thing, as all of us, you, me, and everyone who could possibly read this, show people what/how they want to perceive them. That's why some people think that she's like this, and some others think that she is not like this but these.

Sometimes, it could be far from who they actually are, but doesn't close to possibility that they are comfortable enough to with themselves they don't need to put up a show, but who knows? Point is, the only person who knows who you actually are is yourself (and probably other people you've opened up to).

So, do you think it is fair for you to compare the deepest, darkest, side of yourself, to the shiny stage people portrays? I bet everyone has their own thoughts "Ah coba gue gini" atau "Pengen deh gini" all the time, but isn't that what people do? But, isn't that means that you're killing yourself when you compare with those shiny stage people portrays? Anggap aja mereka saingan lo. Nah, saingan lo tuh bukan cuma temen-temen sekelas, temen sekolah, orang-orang yang mau masuk PTN lewat ujian sbmptn.

worth to watch: TED
Saingan lo,
diri lo,
yang kemarin.

You did your best. Your past is fine, it is enough. Tomorrow, you do better.

Advice to boost confidence?
Learn to love yourself. As cheesy as it sounds, it works. Learn to appreciate what you do, to embrace your own failure and mistakes, and most importantly, have pride in yourself. I personally found the feeling of being loved & accepted as who I am has helped me a lot getting through my own self esteem problem. So please remember, there are a lot of people who care about you beyond what you think they do, at least I know, I do.


Kebebasan Pribadi

I ain't looking for freedom, I have freedom.
Jadi, aku hapus instagram aku dan buat yang baru. Selain itu, aku juga jadi sadar bahwa akhir-akhir ini, aku meninggalkan beberapa hal yang dulu aku anggap penting.

Walau sebenernya ngga penting-penting banget juga sih.

Aku sudah tidak sering pergi ke tempat ramai dan pergi dengan orang yang membuatku tidak nyaman. Aku tidak sering update status di Twitter. Check in di Foursquare dan mention @friend1 @friend2 @friend3. Aku juga sekarang hampir tidak pernah buka profile Facebook orang untuk jadi bahan gosip, bahan pujian karena cantiknya Subhanallah, atau karena dia habis putus dari mantan yang super cakep padahal dia harusnya bersyukur karena dapet yang kaya gitu.

Aku yang sekarang, berkunjung ke tempat-tempat yang aku tidak pernah bayangkan untuk aku kunjungi sebelumnya. Berada di taman sambil membaca buku, menunggu adik bermain bersama kawan sebaya, menjadi fotografer disaat adik konser piano pertamanya, menjadi pengasuh yang hebat bagi anak-anak kecil, atau menjadi guru privat untuk mereka yang butuh bantuan.

Bukan suatu hal yang luar biasa memang. Tapi, kalau kamu tahu aku dengan baik, ada saat-saat dimana kamu ngga bakal nyangka bahwa aku bisa keluar dari kamar, pergi ke taman lalu baca buku disana. Dulu, mana mau aku jaga adik saat bermain dengan kawan sebayanya? Biarkan mbak saja yang jaga. Menjadi fotografer? Orang lain yang lebih ahli saja yang mengerjakannya, daripada kalau aku yang ambil gambar nanti hasilnya jelek?

Tapi, ketika aku keluar dari kamar dan duduk di taman. Aku jadi mengamati banyak hal. Hal-hal yang telah lama luput dari perhatian. Aku ngga bakal menemui nenek dan kakek berjalan berduaan sambil bergandengan tangan, kemudian duduk dan bercengkrama banyak hal, kalo aku cuma di kamar. Kakek dan nenek aku pasti lebih so sweet kalo kaya gitu, sayangnya aku belum pernah lihat mereka melakukannya di taman. Jadi feelnya kurang dapet, he he. Aku, juga mengamati anak-anak kecil bermain. Melihat orangtua memperlakukan anaknya. Atau lebih tepatnya, melihat perbedaan orangtua dalam mengasuk anak-anak mereka. Orangtua A mengasuh anak-anaknya dengan lembut, anak-anaknya jadi begini. Yang B ortunya sukanya marah-marah, anaknya jadi begini kalo main bareng kawan sebayanya. Yang C anaknya suka nangis, dsb. Bukan sok psikolog, tapi itu semua aku lakukan dalam beberapa hari terakhir.

Dan sebagainya. Karena, ada suatu kepuasan tersendiri yang kamu dapat ketika kamu melakukan sesuatu yang tidak pernah kamu bayangkan sebelumnya.

Aku juga sekarang pergi dengan mereka yang membuatku nyaman bersama. Bukan karena to mark my existence bahwa, "Aku kemarin habis jalan sama si A, si B, dan si C loh. Anaknya gini gini gini.. Ngga kaya yang gosip-gosip bilang." Please, baru jalan sekali langsung kasih kesimpulan aja. Aku jalan dekat mereka, tapi merasa ada jarak jauh yang misahin antara diri kita. Aku juga sekarang gunakan Twitter untuk hal-hal yang sifatnya emergency saja, atau kalau ngga bisa nahan buat nulis atau ngoceh ngga karuan.

Aku menemukan diriku yang sekarang menghabiskan banyak waktu dengan diriku sendiri dan orang-orang yang memang berharga buat aku. Aku merasa hidup tanpa berpura-pura. Aku menemui diriku membaca, menulis, membangun hubungan dengan orang-orang yang berharga, Allah, dan diri sendiri. Aku menemukan aku yang nggak dibuat-buat. Yang lupa akan segala status, hierkaki, stratifikasi sosial, dan segala hal yang bersangkut paut dengan itu.

Kalau aku bilang, aku menghargai hidup yang aku nikmati sekarang.

Itu menunjukkan, ketika kamu sengaja atau nggak sengaja memenuhi society's standard of happiness, you tend to retreat. Contohnya, ketika kamu jadi Prom Queen, punya lebih dari seribu followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook, berturut-turut ratusan orang like your profile picture on Facebook, or your latest picture on Instagram...

Ketika kamu mengenai batas tertinggi, pasti kamu akan jatuh bebas ke bawah. Dan dari situ, aku memilih untuk memukul tepat ke kepalaku sendiri, dimana akan membawa diriku back to one's sense. Sadar akan suatu hal yang more important than to fulfill society's standard oh happiness.

dan yah, ini suatu kehormatan bisa mendapatkannya di usia muda.


Back to The Generation

I just wanna go back to the generation when a guy had to get permission from the girl's parents to ask her out. 

I wanna go back to the generation where a guy would physically call her or talk to her, not text.

wanna go back to the generation where your fist kiss would be your spouse, not hookup with a guy you meet on the club.

wanna go back to the generation where the guy wanted a girl, not always just sex.

wanna go back to the generation where couples slow danced, not grind.

wanna go back to the generation where love actually made sense.


Nasutupek (2/2)

Ketika kepala sekolah saya menyampaikan bahwa kita harus datang jam enam, saya marah. Saya tidak habis pikir mengapa beliau mengambil keputusan seperti itu. Saya bilang pada teman - teman saya bahwa saya akan datang telat besok. Saya bilang pada mereka untuk membuat petisi- petisi seperti yang saya lihat di tv.

Sayangnya, itu tidak berhasil. Saudara saya tidak ingin terlambat. Dan saya dalam hati hanya berkata, "Gila aja, masa berangkat pagi buta? Mana rumah jauh lagi."

Yah, toh pada akhirnya saya tiba 15 menit lebih cepat. I felt kind of asshame for not being late actually.

Tapi sebenarnya, yang ingin saya ceritakan di bagian kedua ini bukan masalah mengenai jam enam saya harus datang. Melainkan sebuah keputusan yang diambil oleh kepala sekolah saya.

Mama saya bercerita bahwa beliau datang ke sekolah saya setelah menyelesaikan beberapa pekerjaan di rumah. Seharusnya, tamu yang datang untuk bertemu dengan kepala sekolah saya harus membuat perjanjian terlebih dahulu. Ok, ini bukan karena mama saya yang terlalu force herself to meet my principal. But because she waited for few minutes to talk with my principal. Well, not to talk, its more like mama saya ingin tahu mengapa harus datang pagi.

Kepala sekolah saya, adalah orang yang pandai bercerita. Saya pernah berbincang dengan beliau setidaknya tiga kali. Yang pertama, ketika mendiskusikan topik untuk lomba, kemudian ketika saya merasa menyesal tidak mendapatkan juara pertama dan yang terakhir, saat saya memberikan medali kepada beliau. Lalu, saat beliau menyampaikan apel pagi, beliau selalu bercerita. Tapi, saya tak pernah bosan.

Begitu pula ketika mama saya datang, kepala sekolah juga bercerita banyak hal. Beliau menjelaskan mengapa beliau mengambil keputusan tersebut. Banyak hal yang mama ceritakan pada saya, akan tetapi saya tidak akan menceritakan semuanya disini.

Hanya satu hal yang ingin saya beritahukan; bahwa kepala sekolah saya terus mengawasi pembangunan gorong - gorong di depan sekolah saya sampai jam tiga pagi kemudian berangkat ke sekolah jam lima pagi. Beliau juga membacakan sms yang didapat oleh para wali murid berkaitan dengan hal ini. Beliau juga menjelaskan, datang jam enam pagi itu suatu solusi, toh jam pelajaran dimulai juga seperti biasanya. 

Banyak hal yang bisa saya ambil dari sini, bagaimana saya seharusnya menghormati keputusan orang lain. Bagaimana saya seharusnya memandang hal tersebut dari sudut yang berbeda. Bagaimana saya seharusnya belajar dari beliau untuk mengambil sebuah keputusan yang susah, untuk menjaga sebuah amanah yang berat dan untuk segala hal yang telah beliau abdi kan pada sekolah yang beliau pimpin.

Entahlah, banyak hal yang ingin saya sampaikan.
Lain kali akan ku sambung lagi di post yang berbeda. Mengenai judul yang agak weird ini, ada yang tahu mengapa? Yah, ini kurang lebih hal yang garing. Nasutupek, kalau dibaca terbalik menjadi, Keputusan. Mengapa saya membuat kalian membacanya terbalik? Yah, kurang lebih untuk memahami suatu arti, dibalik sebuah keputusan.


Nasutupek (1/2)

Rumah saya jauh dari sekolah. Saya butuh setidaknya 45 menit untuk menuju sekolah, itupun karena yang mengantar hobi mengebut di jalan. Pertama kali saya masuk sekolah jam 07.10 kemudian, ketika SMP jam masuk sudah berubah dan menjadi 10 menit lebih cepat. Lalu saat SMA, dipercepat menjadi 30 menit; sehingga saya harus masuk jam 06.30.

SMA saya berada di perumahan, dimana sebelum perumahan ada rel kereta api dan jalannya sempit. Notabene siswa dan siswi di sekolah saya adalah dari kalangan menengah keatas. Bukan bermaksud sombong, tapi saya hanya berkata apa adanya.

Dan baru - baru ini ada pembangunan gorong - gorong di depan gerbang sekolah saya. Dimana hal ini menyebabkan kemacetan luar biasa. Semua marah, dan kemarahan ini membuat semuanya takut. Semua murid takut terlambat dan di giring ke ruang Bimbingan Konseling kemudian diceramahi atau mungkin akan diberi hukuman. Semua supir naik pitam karena mereka tidak mau diomeli oleh orang tua si anak. Semua guru tak ingin telat karena ingin memberi contoh yang baik pada murid-muridnya. Semua penduduk setempat tak ingin tempatnya penuh sesak oleh murid-murid SMA saya. Dan, semua panik. Emosi mengalahkan otak. Mulut mengambil alih segalanya. Gertakan dan segala hal kurang bermoral tiba - tiba muncul keluar.

Dan ketika itu juga, ketika kami semua kebingungan; kepala sekolah kami mengambil alih dan berkata, bahwa jadwal masuk diubah. Dan kita semua saat itu bahagia sekali. Kita berfikir bahwa kita tidak perlu berangkat terlalu pagi lagi, akan tetapi, beliau berkata bahwa kita semua harus masuk jam 6 pagi.

Siapa yang mau?
Siapa yang sudi?
Apalagi murid - murid yang ada di sekolah kami tidak semuanya dari kota yang sama. Ada yang dari luar kota. Tidak semuanya dekat. ada yang jauh sekali.

Dan hari ini, hari pertama kali dimana kita harus masuk jam 6 pagi.

Bagian pertama, selesai.