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For me Ziarah tells, that memory is truly ours.

Jangan sampai kita membiarkan ingatan kita tentang seseorang atau sesuatu terkontaminasi oleh suara orang. Jika kita mengenang sesuatu, kenanglah sesuai dengan ingatan kita secara personal. Cause if we believe something sweet, then sweet it is. Apapun yang terjadi setelahnya, tidak ada hubungannya dengan kenangan kita. Keep, cherish that moments and move on!



This post supposedly going to be featured on my monthly updates on youtube but I decided I just will do monthly update both writing and speaking since I'm lack confidence in those two things while actually the key to be a Public Relations is to at least be a good writer or a speaker. Quoted from Mas Aries Nugroho who gave me superb lecture when I visited Ogilvy Public Relations. He definitely a great story teller!

At the end of Feb after I'm back from study visit, I got myself to watch Salawaku, I first know this movie when I read the list of JAFF movies that will be showed. Salawaku was the opening movie, so I guess it must be very cool and cinematic cause the theme of JAFF 2016 was Islanscape, I was curious and questioning what kind of movie is this.

Look up at the youtube and the cinematography is on point, my artsy side wakes but because JAFF 2016 management was just suck (imo, you can read why in here) I was just mad and dont want to watch any JAFF movies because I just got that bad image form JAFF.

Nevertheless my curiosity finally got the answer, I got chance to watch Salawaku free cause my friend got ticket for me. The whole movie was beautiful, thought the language different makes me question and the jokes that I think it is reasonable but it doesn't make me laugh as much as my friends do (cause I go my own type of jokes) but it is beautiful, Salawaku successfully portraits the beautiful side of Maluku which makes me want to go there someday and the sound is on point, even I can feel how cold that night was when Saras (Karina Salim) unfortunately the transition goes from very dark to super bright so it hurts my eyes.

At the end of movie, everyone was rushed to take picture with Elko Kastanya (who portrait Salawaku) and beautiful Karina Salim. I'm very pleased to meet her, not only cause she's super pretty, and nice but I know she's a hard worker girl and smart. I know her since she's starred Joko Anwar's movie Durable Love and since then followed her on twitter. I actually did take picture with her before the movie start at toilet which I turned into squid next to her..

Anyway, when everyone rushed to take picture with the stars, I got time to ask the director, Pritagita Arianegara, what is actually the meaning of Salawaku itself. Cause I believe Salawaku is more than "hidup itu cuma tentang meninggalkan dan ditinggalkan?" and turns out (this maybe a spoiler for you, but) here's the asnwer,

"membandingkan antara isu kehamilan diluar nikah yang dihadapi oleh anak kota besar, ada yang menyendiri sedangkan ada yang berusaha mengatasi -- ia butuh orang utk mengahdapi. Kalau dihilangkan seperti apa dan kalau tidak dihilangkan seperti apa."

one of my favorite page
Finished reading For Nadira by Leila S. Chudori translated by Jennifer Lindsay. For Nadira has nine short stories that tell Nadira in different sides.

As a pessimist, I really enjoy reading For Nadira. There are many things that explained beautifully in nine short stories but there are also many things that not explained well.

This book tells how hurt Nadira to be left by her mom that she thought she's fine, but why did someone who's fine commit suicide? It leaves Nadira and her family big question.

Nadira, then become a gloomy lady. Until one day she finds someone that changes her and the spoiler wont last that long cause you need to read it by yourself :)

Don't think that this is just a so-so book, it is masterpiece by Leila Chudori. It is a book that you must read, it teach you how separation hurt so bad when it is not explained well. It tells you how separation indeed tells you how much you love with someone,

to quote from Andrew belle - In My veins:
"Nothing goes as planned, everything will break
People say goodbye, in their own special way" 


"Our Deal" - Best Coast

When you leave me
The bed is empty
And I feel crazy
'Cause I didn't say anything
I wish you would tell me
How you really feel
But you'll never tell me
'Cause that's not our deal


The Boring Choice - A Movie Review + Spoiler of La La Land

When I watched La La Land last year, it was beautiful but I feel a little touch of pessimistic. I think it's beautiful because I like movie with touch of arts, but this just overrated for me. The plot was cliche;

  • Guy met girl
  • Both annoyed each other
  • Both fell in love
  • Become cutest couple
  • Got problem
  • Uncertain about future
  • Both still loves each other, but decide to move on towards different direction
  • Then either of them decide to settle with someone else

And to make it more depressing, there's usually a scene when they meet for one last time & exchange knowing, bittersweet look & end. But this could be ended with happy formula such as in Titanic. This kind of movie, I call it cerita cinta ga kesampaian.

Life is complicated, it's not always guy meets girl, fall in love, together till the end. But there are some of lucky people who experienced that, even so, their lives aren't always be filled with love and happiness. In life, things that seem destinied to be together often don't end up being together. It's bitter, but it's reality :)


Kuat Seperti Mama

Pagi tadi mama terjatuh di dapur,
tetapi ia langsung berdiri
tanpa merapikan diri
langsung melanjutkan aktifitasnya kembali.

Sewaktu aku ke dapur
mama tidak mengeluh sakit
ia bahkan tidak bilang apa-apa.
Kembali mencuci,
lalu menyiapkan masakan.
Aku pun hanya duduk menyiapkan pesanan.


What Was My 2016 Like?

All thanks to my journal for keeping all my tracks this year, definitely will do the same for my 2017! So, this is a soon to be regular post that come will come up every year (amen)

Start my 2016 by volunteering for Project Child Indonesia for one batch, met many cool fella and reunited by the end of 2016 because one of our fella volunteer got married! Congratulations kak Kamila! On Feb, I went to Bandung, visit Bukit Moko, Trans Studio Bandung (TSB) and wander around at night (I can't recall.. but I'm sure that I visited lot of places!). Surprisingly met my seniors at TSB and almost lost my gopro there hehe, and I still remember how mad I was when I'm back from TSB because I was so exhausted and got my period, thank you for bearing it D! Start new semester on March and just did as student does, go to campus, do papers, tasks and try to join competition and exchange. On April I became one step closer for my age limit. Thank you for all beautiful creatures that threw me surprises and many meaningful wishes and calls :) And nailed to join Perhumas Muda Yogyakarta (PMY). On May, I went to Stars and Rabbit performance which I like & took proper TOEFL test. From June to August, I got my holiday and officially become a Student Top Ambassador Tokopedia and went to Jakarta. September came and I almost passed one of leadership program that is well known one cause they got many CSR awards. October made me learn that not every intentions that we had will turn as good as in we think, so just be kind. I also became representative for Yogyakarta for Top 5 Alpha Zatizen. I did row of events for Tokopedia in a week and become an admission team for an international event called Jogja International Heritage Walk on November (watch my Nov  updates!) December was fine, and I just took time off for everything except I suddenly chosen as leader for my entrepreneurship group's open recruitment, few days before.


Things That I Learned From Being A Student Top Ambassador Tokopedia

this writing related to this.

Kalau kalian bingung apa itu Student Top Ambassador Tokopedia, you are the representative for Tokopedia, akan tetapi lingkupnya lebih kecil, yakni kota. Saya menjadi Student Top Ambassador Tokopedia Batch 3, satu minggu di Jakarta untuk karantina dan selama 6 bulan menjalani tugas sebagai Top Ambassador, banyak sekali yang saya dapatkan dan apa yang saya bagikan ini hanya sebagian kecilnya,

1.     Tahu Bagaimana Dunia Kerja
Sewaktu karantina di Tokopedia saya berkesempatan untuk keliling melihat ruang kerja Tokopedia dan juga mendapatkan materi-materi yang dipaparkan oleh nakama ahlinya di Tokopedia. What more interesting is, saya dan teman-teman Top Ambassador bisa makan malam dan berbincang dengan COO Tokopedia!

2.     Bisnis Tidak Selalu Sesuatu Yang Harus Dibawa Serius
Bahwa bisnis yang baik rupanya bermula dari niat baik orang lain, tidak seperti persepsi kita pada umumnya mengenai bisnis yang penuh keseriusan tanpa kebahagiaan. Ternyata kita bisa membuat bisnis yang memanusiakan manusia lain, yang mampu menciptakan peluang bagi orang lain, yang mampu membawa kebaikan bagi orang lain. Bagi saya, Tokopedia memiliki paradoks bisnis dimana semakin banyak membantu orang lain, semakin menguntungkan.


Tired Day and Trying to Chill with Lays

The answer of your:
What happened in JAFF, why didn't you come?
And what happened to your face?
is here!


Another Video

A Video

When you were down, I was on the up. I comforted you and told you everything will pull through. When I was the one who was weak, you’re the one who was strong. You convinced me that this is the right journey to take, and we cannot turn back now.

And that’s how we got here, D :)


I Should Have Posted More

I have always pass this kind of week when everything seems heavy because I want everything to be as perfect as it could be. Such a perfectionist, I know.

But self, I need to calm down. Believe your friends that they are capable for you asked them for but it doesn't mean that I'm not trusting them.. I just always happened to check them again, is everything okay.

Anyway yesterday I gathered with my Zetizen fella since I impulsively join that challenge. But, I put my expectation high I guess cause I went to Tokopedia before, lol. Then I went to Ayam Geprek Mas Pri and surprisingly mas-mas yang jualan still remember me :p

But yeah, enjoy your life dyl!


Nikah Muda

bride wannabe
Dulu aku kepikiran nikah kalo pas dah sukses, karir gemilang sehingga bisa provide apa yang aku dan keluargaku mau, biayain keluarga buat jalan-jalan ke luar negri dan belanjaannya, usaha lancar, dah punya rumah besar serta mobil etc etc. Sampai mikir nikah kalo udah mau umur 30an ajadeh karena biar puas-puasin apa-apa sendiri dulu, biar ego ku tersalurkan, biar udah punya semuanya dan biar legaaa.

Itu dulu ya, sebelum nemu tambatan hati. Soalnya seumur-umur belum pernah deket sama cowo sampai akhirnya sekarang dia datang, hehe. Dan karena dia, aku rasanya pingin cepet-cepet nikah biar halal sih kalo kata orang, lol.

Tapi gimana ya, pingin nikah muda tuh aku ya pingin, menghabiskan waktu berdua bareng doi, bangun tidur, sarapan, berangkat kerja, pas lagi nonton soap operas sore-sore, udah malam dan seterusnya kaya di film-film kebanyakan. Tapi kalau udah ada duitnya, lah kalo ngga ada? Gimana biayainnya? Ngutang? Habis nikah nanti hasil gajiannya buat bayarin utang nikahan dong bukan buat keluarga? Orangtua? Hmmm... pikir-pikir lagi deh, ini loh yang nikah siapa kok duitnya dari siapa? Kecuali, kalo emang nikahan mau diatur sama orangtuanya :)

tulisan ini featured di kompasiana juga loh!


Pengalaman Student Ambassador Tokopedia

What I learned from being a TopAm is up!

Masih ingat Hari Belanja Online Nasional 'harbolnas' tahun 2015? Sampai waktu itu BukaLapak buat iklan yang bawa-bawa Dian Sastro. Yang gemesnya lagi, ternyata CEO nya berani tampil di Youtube pakai celana pendek.. Dan iklannya berhasil ditonton berulang kali sama temen-temen karena ada part yang 'membingungkan'. Aku sendiri ngga ikutan baik nonton video youtube BukaLapak atau belanja online karena terlalu banyak option, jadinya lebih sring membandingkan satu sama lain dan akhirnya ngga jadi beli.

Ada diskon yang 'gila' dan nggak masuk akal tetapi ada juga yang memberikan cashback, yang aku kira kebalikan bgt, di saat yang lain pada berlomba biar trafficnya naik dengan cara diskon gila-gilaan ternyata ada juga yang memberikan cashback.

Perlu digarisbawahi bahwa ternyata Tokopedia ini bukan online retail yang dimana ia pemilik barang yang ada di websitenya, melainkan marketplace dimana ia adalah platform untuk berjualan online. Dan karena marketplace ini menganut sistem used generated content, jadi Tokopedia memberikan kebebasan kepada merchant untuk menentukan harga. Pun maka selama ini penjual sudah memberikan harga terbaiknya :)

Wise banget ya.. dan dari harbolnas itu sebenarnya aku jadi ingin tahu Tokopedia kaya gimana, apalagi waktu ada Isyana di TV! Hmm, ngomong-ngomong nih sebenernya aku mau sharing juga tentang pengalaman jadi Top Student Ambassador Tokopedia nih.. walaupun masih baru aja dilantik. Soalnya banyak yang nanya, tapi tolong jangan di judge sok artis apa dong kan aing atut jadinya..

Student Ambassador Tokopedia Batch 3


Check In Online Yay Or Nay?

Kalau ke bandara sekarang pasti sering lihat self check in kan. Sebenarnya kalau dilihat-lihat check in online ini banyak nilai lebihnya dibanding harus ngantri panjang, apalagi kalau mepet. Duuuh rasa-rasanya deg-deg an takut ditinggal pesawat.

Tapi, aku share pengalaman ketika check in online Air Asia yaa.. dan pengalaman ini buat aku kapok buat check in online lagi. Walaupun banyak keuntungan dari check in online sendiri, tapi pastikan kalau kamu check in online kamu bukan merupakan salah satu dari list yang maskapainya tidak perbolehkan untuk check in secara online, misalnya untuk Garuda:

  • Penumpang group booking (lebih dari 9 orang)
  • Bayi dibawah 2 tahun yang tidak menempati tempat duduk
  • Penumpang yang butuh bantuan khusus di bandara; hamil, anak-anak dibawah 12 tahun, butuh kursi roda etc etc.

Tiap maskapai berbeda, bisa dicari sendiri yaa, yang Garuda versi lengkapnya bisa klik disini. Tapi kurang lebih sama kok, Air Asia kemarin juga mirip-mirip listnya, yang aku inget kalau bawa bagasi tidak disarankan check in online.

Walaupun akhirnya, ketika aku check in online.. pun aku tetep naro bagasi he he..


Sweet Escape

Born and raised in Indonesia, but I never taste Bali. Here's my short getaway how to spent a week before final exam full of assignments, well supposedly I studied and do the piles of homeworks but, sigh, I decided to escape. nahh, don't worry, I already finish it sih, although there are few exams I need to do until I can go back and taste the peaceful air.. No homework, no more anak kosan, months of holiday duuude! Anyway, here are some of my snaps with a little touch of dyla to follow.

Went camping with the boys, no preparation at all, it was quick decision and it was raining so.. yeah I was freezing. But it was fun and I'm glad to meet them! I did stupid thing sih as usual, such as numpahin pop mie.. How on earth someone flip their noodle? Well, actually I did few times sih, lol. The place we went was Danau Buyan, it was beautiful and if you want to go there you need to pay IDR 10.000 for each person. But.. make sure you bring sunblock because when the sun shines, it was so hot. Hmm, yeah welcome to Bali. It was soo hot and crowded but I left a piece of my heart there. there is something about Bali that makes me want to visit it again and again..